How to Make Your Tattoo Heal Faster

The basic rule of thumb is to let tattoos heal untampered with - and that means keeping them as clean, dry and untouched as possible!

While your tattoo is healing you need to avoid the following until it is fully healed:

  • Touch: don’t scratch, pick at or rub your healing tattoo - and don’t let anyone else touch it either! Wear loose clothes over new tattoos so they don’t rub.
  • Water: don’t submerge your tattoo in baths, use saunas or go swimming.
  • Balm: you only need to apply a very fine layer of breathable balm or cream. No smothering - healing skin needs to breathe.
  • Sun: keep sun exposure to the absolute minimum! Protect tattoos under clothes, not sunscreen, until healed.
  • Dirt: your tattoo starts off as an open wound, vulnerable to infection; keep it clean and don’t touch it!
  • Drink: alcohol thins the blood and dehydrates the skin; neither are good for healing
  • Exercise: sweating and overexertion are not good for healing skin
  • Shave: avoid shaving newly tattooed skin until it’s healed properly

Let your body rest and give it what it needs to recover, and your tattoos should heal sharp and bright!

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