Top 7 Hay Fever Hacks For Beating The Pollen Bomb

Here come the lovely sunny days, inevitably accompanied by high pollen counts and all the usual miserable symptoms of reactive skin.
For those prone to hay fever or allergies - as so many of us with sensitive skin are - the spring and summer months can mean constantly streaming eyes, blocked nose, headaches, tiredness, itchy rashes, and constant sneezing.

Balmonds - Hayfever Tips with image of a woman holding a flower and sneezing
In an effort to make your life a bit less uncomfortable, we present our top seven most effective strategies for fighting back against hay fever, with a couple of Balmonds heroes pressed into service against the seasonal pollen bomb:

  1. Use fans, cool water spritzes, or damp cloths on the eyes to cool yourself down - but don’t forget to moisturise afterwards with some gentle unfragranced balm
  2. Smear a fine layer of Skin Salvation around your eyes and nose to trap pollen, reducing the amount that gets through to your bloodstream. It'll also act as a gentle barrier to protect sore skin from tears and sneezes
  3. When outside, wear large sunglasses to help protect your eyes from enviromental allergens
  4. Close windows and dry laundry inside to keep your home and clothes as pollen-free as possible
  5. If your skin is feeling hot and bothered on arms or legs exposed to airborne grass seeds or pollen, try a generous application of Balmonds Cooling Cream at regular intervals throughout the day
  6. Allergens can be picked up on clothes and hair, so take a lukewarm shower and change your clothes as soon as you get home 
  7. Find the right antihistamine: what works for your friends might not work for you, so ask your pharmacist for advice and try a few different ones

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