What Is Tattoo Blowout?

What Is Tattoo Blowout?

Blowout occurs on a tattoo when the ink has penetrated the deeper layers of the skin.

It can happen for various reasons, but it’s more likely with an inexperienced tattoo artist. Applying too much pressure or using the needle at the wrong angle means that the ink is pushed into skin where the cell structure causes it to leak out horizontally, rather than stay in place.

Blowout looks like the tattoo has fuzzy edges, with the ink seeping as if it were ink on damp paper beyond the boundaries of the tattoo. It can be quite severe sometimes, though in other instances it’s just noticeable as a slightly blurred area beyond the brightest lines of the ink.

Unfortunately, blowout isn’t repairable as such; an experienced artist can come up with a good design to cover it up carefully, but there’s nothing you can do to removed leaked ink once it’s happened.

Do use an experienced artist, one who knows exactly what they’re doing! Get references, ask friends, check out reviews.

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