How Can I Stop My Tattoos Fading in the Sun?

will my tattoo fade in the sun

You've got lovely new tattoos and you want to show them off over summer, but you're worried about them fading in the sun. What can you do?

Unfortunately, whatever you do, tattoo ink does fade over time, but sun exposure will certainly make it deteriorate more rapidly! You'll need to look after tattoos carefully if you want them to stay fresh, sharp and bright, and that means protecting them from the sun. The more sun that reaches the skin, the more damage is done.

Here are our top tips for keeping ink bright as possible:

  • Use a high factor (30+), broad spectrum sunscreen whenever your tattoo is exposed
  • Use a sunscreen with physical not chemical protection, ie one that contains zinc or titanium dioxide: you want to create a physical barrier to sunshine.
  • Apply a thin layer of moisturiser* and then a thin layer of sunscreen every time you reapply.
  • Reapply the moisturiser + sunscreen frequently! (especially after swimming)
  • Apply a natural, unfragranced, aftercare balm or cream* to your tattoo daily, sun or no sun. The better condition your skin, the brighter the ink.
  • You may not always want to keep tattoos covered up with clothes in the sunshine, but that will keep them looking brighter longer: go full vampire if you can!
  • Wash your tattoo with a soap-free, SLS-free cleanser once a day
  • Rinse chlorine off your skin straight after using pools or hot tubs - and then moisturise!

*Skin Salvation or Daily Moisturising Cream are both ideal aftercare balms


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