What's The Best Lotion For Ichthyosis?

best cream for ichthyosis

The most common way of managing ichthyosis is with regular and frequent application of emollients.

These are lotions, creams, oils or ointments which soften and hydrate dry skin, relieving the soreness of cracked skin, and providing a protective barrier for the body since the skin’s own barrier function is faulty.

Severe cases of ichthyosis are generally treated with prescribed creams containing urea and/or alpha hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid and glycolic acid. But there are also effective general daily over-the-counter emollients which can also help manage skin condition in mild cases.

A good emollient for people prone to mild ichthyosis works in several important ways:

  • supports and replenishes the skin’s natural oils which are needed to prevent moisture loss
  • provides a breathable physical barrier to moisture loss and to microbes which can cause irritation, itchiness and infection
  • softens thick, dry, scaly skin making it more supple and comfortable to move
  • provides appropriate nutrients to the epidermis, to regulate and support the natural cycle of skin cell regeneration and repair
  • maintains a healthy PH balance on the skin

Balmonds have three emollients which tick all those boxes and which can be used in tandem as an effective daily skincare regime for skin prone to mild ichthyosis.

  1. An Emollient Ointment
    Ointments are excellent for intensive overnight treatment, as they can be put on thickly before bed and used under wraps, socks, gloves or thin cotton clothes to boost their effectiveness. Skin Salvation is an ideal intensive ointment for the severely dry, cracked or scaly skin of ichthyosis; it’s both protective and hydrating, softening scaly, rough skin and providing the nutrients the skin needs to rebuild itself.

  2. An Emollient Oil
    Oils are great for covering a large area of skin when time is of the essence, such as when you’re getting out of the bath. Balmonds Bath & Body can be applied immediately after bathing, onto clean, slightly damp skin and contains incredibly nourishing hemp seed oil to feed the skin with the EFAs it needs. If your skin is prone to infections, you might want to try Balmonds Scalp Oil as a regular conditioning oil on body or scalp, as it’s rich in nourishing naturally antimicrobial oils such as tea tree, rosemary and borage.

  3. An Emollient Lotion
    Creams or lotions are good for applying frequently during the day, to keep dehydration and soreness at bay and to top up moisture levels. Our Daily Moisturising Cream is rich, nutritious and protective, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, and like all our products, does not contain the perfumes and other synthetic irritants that can actually end up causing more damage to already fragile skin.

Skin Salvation balm with hemp, beeswax & calendula (from £7.99 for 30ml)
Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream with shea butter, hemp & olive (from £13.99 for 100ml)
Balmonds Bath & Body Oil with hemp, lavender & chamomile (£12.99 for 200ml)


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