Flare Care Giveaway

How do you fancy getting your hands on the ultimate Flare Care Kit for National Eczema Awareness Week 2022?

We’ve partnered with our wonderful friends at Cotton Comfort to give you a chance to get your hands on an amazing selection of items to help you when you’re flaring. Worth £103.43 each, there are two prizes on offer, one on each brand’s social media account. 

Soothe your way through your next flare: light a beeswax candle, pour yourself some herbal tea, read eczema-inspired poetry, add gorgeous Balmonds oils to your bath, protect your mitts with soft organic gloves, and when you’re feeling up to the outside world, stride out with an empowering and irreverent tote from Itch&Bitch!

Head over to @Balmonds_Skincare to enter, but be quick, the competition is only running from Monday 12th September to 11:59pm of Sunday 18th September.

Cotton Comfort: For over forty years Cotton Comfort have been the brand for eczema-friendly clothing. They make soft, organic, hypoallergenic and wonderfully comfortable clothes for itchy bodies. 

Cotton Comfort gloves


How to enter:

There are separate giveaways happening on Balmonds and CotttonComfort's Instagram pages - which means two chances to enter and win one of the bundles!

To enter the Balmonds giveaway all you have to do is visit the giveaway post on our Instagram feed and…

  • Follow both accounts on Instagram: @Balmonds_Skincare @CottonComfort_
  • Comment with your top tip for flare management
  • Tag a friend who needs some flare care
  • For an extra entry, share the Balmonds giveaway post to your story

The prize consists of:

1 x Balmonds All-Natural Starter Set: a bundle of our four hero products, to cover all bases when you’re flaring: a balm, an oil, a wash and a cream. 

Skin Salvation - Our award winning, all-natural moisturising balm! Its gentle formulation reduces the risk of irritation and nourishes depleted skin with essential nutrients - it’s great to slather on when your eczema’s flaring!

Bath & Body Oil - Our all-purpose moisturising body oil containing calming lavender and nourishing hemp to counter the dehydrating effects of bathing. It can also be used as an oil for massage and cleansing.

Natural Shampoo & Body Wash - This was formulated as an extra-mild cleanser for adults and children with dry, itchy or allergy-prone skin. Made with herbal extracts and plant-based surfactants, it’s free from soap, perfumes, and synthetic preservatives that can aggravate conditions like eczema.

Daily Moisturising Cream - We took the essential herbs and oils used in our Skin Salvation ointment, replaced the beeswax with shea butter, to make a softer, more-easily absorbed cream for daily use. Shea works with the skin’s natural oils to protect, support, and repair the skin’s barrier.

2 x pairs of Cotton Comfort cotton gloves

These 100% organic cotton gloves from Cotton Comfort are a great strategy for protecting sore, eczema-, or psoriasis-prone skin from scratching, allergens, and cold weather - and they work wonders in tandem with Skin Salvation! Apply a generous amount of balm before bed, pop on the gloves, and let them work their magic overnight.

1 x Itch’N’Bitch tote bag

The mission behind the Itch N Bitch tote bags is to encourage people to unhide together! The Itch’n’Bitch crew wanted to turn their struggles into wearable art - taking control of the narrative on skin conditions one bag at a time. Because, as they put it, hiding who you are won’t make your skin better, all it will do is make your mind as unclear as your skin.

1x The Shape Of Skin - poems by Ruth Holroyd

Ruth Holroyd grew up with childhood eczema which just never really went away. This book is her hope for the future, for a better way of healing, seeing and treating eczema skin. 

Whilst many of the poems go to dark places, the theme is one of healing and giving space to what you need to do for your body. Writing this collection of poetry helped Ruth to heal and accept her skin condition, but also to tune into that voice inside, the inner instinct to find a better way of living. Everyone living with eczema or a painful inflammatory condition will find these poems resonate!

6 x Beeswax candles from Paynes Bees

Our giveaway bundle also includes six beautiful tealights poured by hand and made from the same 100% pure natural beeswax as our hero Skin Salvation balm! Produced by Paynes, who have been providing locally-farmed beeswax for Balmonds since we first began, each candle gives off a wonderful honey-ed smell of beeswax and a warm, soft glow. Rumour has it that, unlike paraffin-based candles, beeswax candles can purify the air as they burn, producing negative ions which attach to positive ions such as dust, pollen, and other irritants floating in the air. We like to think of them as the Skin Salvation of the candle world!

3 x Organic Hemp Face Cloths by Naturally Evergreen

These reusable cloths are woven from a blend of organic hemp and cotton, and can be used in both skincare and cleaning. One of Balmonds hero ingredients, hemp is a zero-waste, eco-friendly material: not only does it lock in carbon and promotes soil regeneration, but it also grows rapidly and crops twice a year.

1 x pack of Calming Chamomile tea by Hoogly Teas

Get ready for the arrival of Autumn! Snuggle up and unwind with this warm and comforting infusion, a blend of herbs carefully chosen for their ability to relax the body and soothe the mind - chamomile, rosehip and lavender are also heroes of the Balmonds range!

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