Why Does My Psoriasis Get Worse In The Winter?

Why does my psoriasis get worse in cold weather

After the summer sunshine, approaching winter can seem really bleak. Suddenly it’s cold, grey, damp and miserable and to top it all, your skin is breaking out in red, rough, itchy patches all the time.

So what’s going on to make things so bad? Well, winter brings a perfect storm of challenges for those living with psoriasis.

These include:

  • Cold, dry air - stripping the skin of moisture
  • Reduced sunlight - low sunlight equals reduced Vitamin D which is essential for skin health
  • Central heating - drying out the skin
  • Overheating - getting hot and bothered in winter clothes can trigger a flare
  • Stress - increased worries and general low mood in winter can affect how your body copes and worsen symptoms
  • Lowered immune system - colds and flu can trigger/worsen psoriasis outbreaks 
Our Top Tips For Managing Psoriasis In The Winter

 Now's the time to look after yourself and your skin very carefully!

The most important thing is to moisturise regularly, several times a day, using a good quality, non-irritant balm, such as Skin Salvation or our lighter, shea butter-based emollient, Daily Moisturising Cream.

This especially applies immediately after bathing, which means short, lukewarm showers or baths, not long hot soaks, and with no perfumed or soap-based products.

Practice 'soak and seal': pat yourself dry with a soft towel, leaving skin slightly damp, then smoother skin in emollient of you choice, whether cream, oil or balm.

Look after yourself with good food, adequate sleep and some hardcore relaxation.

If your psoriasis is really bad in winter then ask your GP about phototherapy and consider investing in a humidifier for your home.


Our hero product, Skin Salvation, is perfect for protecting against winter dryness, regulating the repair and regeneration of healthy skin. Packed full of nourishing oils and herbs, it also contains antimicrobial beeswax which provides an effective barrier to lock moisture in and irritants out.


 Skin Salvation for psoraisis


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