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Jun 08, 2020

What Worsens Perioral Dermatitis?

What Worsens Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a challenging condition to manage, but it's a good idea to start by identifying what makes it worse.

For a lot of people, flare-ups of perioral dermatitis are all about how healthy and resilient they are, so looking after your general well-being is so important if you want to get on top of the rash. While everyone is different, you might want to look at other aspects of your lifestyle, including the toiletries you use and the food you eat.

Here are the four main types of things that are thought to worsen perioral dermatitis, some of which are more easily avoided than others, unfortunately!

The first step to getting rid of perioral dermatitis is identifying what triggers it for youLook down the list and see what might be worsening your perioral dermatitis; remember, these are just suggestions, and not everyone will be affected in the same way by triggers.

How is your general health?

  • Stress levels
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Fungal infections

What are you putting on your skin?

  • Cosmetics
  • Face creams
  • Topical steroid creams
  • Creams including fluoride
  • Sulphates in shampoo or body washes
  • Sun screen

What are you putting in your body?

  • Foods such as alcohol, sugar, caffeine, spices
  • Fluoride, in toothpaste
  • Hormonal birth control
  • Non-topical corticosteroids

How does the environment affect you?

  • Strong wind
  • Sunshine
  • Very dry weather
  • High humidity
  • UV light

For further information about what you can do holistically to manage flare-ups, see our blog on How To Treat Perioral Dermatitis

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Important Note

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If you or someone you are caring for seems very unwell, is getting worse or you think there's something seriously wrong, call for emergency services straight away. For general medical advice, please contact your healthcare professional, this article does not contain or replace medical advice.

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