What Is The Best Cream For Psoriasis?

Psoriasis can be a really debilitating condition, chipping away at self-confidence and making life a misery for sufferers.

Although there are medications (such as topical corticosteroids) that dermatologists prescribe to control extreme flare-ups, and treatments such as UV therapy which work really well for some, psoriasis is a lifelong condition that people live with rather than cure. So what’s the best over-the-counter, non-steroidal cream for those living with psoriasis?

Because psoriasis is a condition of dry skin, it’s crucial to find a cream that manages the dehydration by providing what the skin needs long-term. It needs to be a really effective emollient, one that your skin can tolerate and that you can use daily as part of your regular skincare routine.

The good news is that Skin Salvation is a great moisturiser for those prone to psoriasis, because it’s natural, intensively hydrating and non-irritant.

Skin Salvation

  • provides a protective semi-occlusive beeswax layer over dry skin to lock in moisture and keep irritants out
  • allows skin the time and space to regenerate and repair under that protective barrier softens and conditions rough or scaly skin, reducing irritation, itching and redness
  • nourishes the skin with the nutrients psoriasis sufferers are often depleted in, thus normalising skin cell production and strengthening the skin barrier function
  • doesn’t further irritate the skin with perfumes, harsh synthetic ingredients and preservatives

Recommended Product:

Skin Salvation

Skin Salvation's gentle formulation with natural ingredients reduces the risk of skin irritation and itchiness from synthetic additives, and means that it is also suitable for people who may be prone to psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.



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