What Home Remedies Are Good For Perioral Dermatitis?

What Home Remedies Are Good For Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a persistent and distressing condition which is characterised by pustules and inflammation around the mouth.

Here are some natural remedies which people have found helpful:

  • Rosehip oil (nutritious, balancing, regenerative)
  • Shea butter (nourishing and calming)
  • Tea tree oil (antimicrobial)
  • Hemp seed oil (very nutritious for depleted skin)
  • Borage oil (highly nutritious)
  • Aloe vera (antioxidant and hydrating)
  • Diluted raw, unfiltered cider vinegar (antimicrobial and balancing)

As far as what you shouldn't put on your skin goes, there are a few basic tips for managing perioral dermatitis:

  • Avoid perfumes and other synthetic ingredients which can irritate the skin
  • Avoid comedogenic oils (such as coconut) which can clog pores
  • Avoid highly alkaline soap or SLS which can strip the skin of its vital natural fats and swap for a natural, unscented wash instead
  • Avoid fluoride: swap your toothpaste for fluoride-free variety
  • Minimise what you’re putting on your face! The simpler your routine, the better.
  • Remember to patch test any new ingredient or product before widespread use! Check out our article Why Do I Need To Do A Patch Test Before Trying New Skincare? for more information about why patch testing is so important for sensitive skin.
  • Keep a food diary and if necessary an elimination diet to see if anything you’re eating is triggering flare-ups
  • Reduce stress: take your well-being very seriously as stress is a major trigger for perioral dermatitis

There are many ways you can help manage flare-ups of perioral dermatitis at home, but remember if it doesn’t improve or is worsening, your doctor can prescribe medication.


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Perioral Dermatitis

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