Top 5 Coronavirus Lockdown Skincare Hacks

5 lockdown skincare hacks

It’s a difficult time for everyone, and on top of it all, our skin is suffering! Stress, central heating, overly dry environments and constant hand washing are a bad combination for skin…

Try these five skincare hacks while you’re in lockdown.

1. Wash those hands with care

If your hands are suffering, wash in lukewarm (not hot, not cold) water and use a soap-free foaming wash while you do your methodical hand washing for 20 seconds. You want germs to bind to the detergent wash and be flushed away down the plughole, and although high-alkaline soap can break down viral structures, any foaming wash will also do the job of cleaning hands efficiently if you follow the guidelines. Both very hot or very cold water will scour oils from the skin and leave them sore - which also explains why a long, hot soak in the bath is not going to do your skin much good, unfortunately.

2. Use oil-based balms, not water-based creams

If your skin is so dry that it’s raw or cracked, steer away from creams or lotions! Stick to ointments, salves or balms that don’t contain water; they’re much less likely to sting.

3. Treat dry hands to an overnight soak

Smear on the balm and cover overnight with thin cotton gloves; it will supercharge the hydration effect of the moisturiser. You can get dermatological cotton or silk gloves online or from pharmacists.

4. Ditch the fragranced skincare

If your skin is struggling, now’s the time to lose the scented products. Fragrance (aka perfume, scent or parfum) added to lotions and potions is one of the most common culprits for irritating skin. If your skin is already feeling sensitive or dry, perfume will not help; go unscented for the duration.

5. Use a multipurpose balm!

So you can’t get out to the shops, but you do have a jar of Skin Salvation? Great news - you can use it for all sorts of skincare treats! It works as a nail and cuticle balm when you’re giving yourself a cheering manicure; you can smooth it on eyebrows and use it to nourish eyelashes; it's great for chapped lips, sore hands, cracked heels, as well as any little itchy patches. Apply before your daily walk to combat wind chill.

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