Is Coffee Bad For Psoriasis?

Is Coffee Bad For Psoriasis?

Several theories abound about the links between coffee and psoriasis, with some claims that coffee can make psoriasis worse. Here we take a look at connections between the two and ask if you should hold fire on that flat white!

Coffee is the most commonly consumed drink in the world. But are those little cups of joy helpful or harmful to a psoriasis sufferer? 

Psoriasis affects up to 11% of people worldwide, including men, women and children of all skin colours. Although it mostly starts under the age of 35, it can happen at any age. Psoriasis causes dark, inflamed patches on the skin, often covered in flaky scales (the colour of which may vary depending on the skin tone of the sufferer). These patches might also be itchy and painful. The most common places for patches to appear is on the scalp, elbows, knees and back, but psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body.

The immune system, which is usually responsible for defending and attacking against infection, attacks healthy skin cells in a psoriasis sufferer. This leads to the rapid build up of excess cells on the surface of the skin.

Research into psoriasis is ongoing; but there is no known cure. As it is a long-lasting illness, sufferers will have periods of times when they have flare ups, followed by periods without. In many cases, symptoms can be brought under control, going into remission for months or years.

Psoriasis is a systemic inflammatory condition and sufferers often find that including anti inflammatory and antioxidant foods in their diet can be beneficial. There have been various studies over the years looking into the link between the intake of caffeine and psoriasis. Coffee can have both inflammatory and anti inflammatory effects on the body as well as antioxidant effects. It can be hard to separate coffee from other habits, such as taking sugar in your drink, or smoking with it.

Because of this, studies have tended to be inconclusive. However, science has not established a definite link between the consumption of caffeine and the severity or worsening of symptoms.

This could be good news for coffee drinkers, but as ever with psoriasis, it’s personal. 

Some sufferers find that reducing caffeine as part of an overall improvement in their diet can help symptoms, while others prefer to indulge in their morning coffee. It comes down to what works for you. If you find caffeine is a trigger, then it is best to avoid it. 

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