How Do You Clear Up Psoriasis?

How Do You Clear Up Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that isn’t currently curable. However, a range of treatments can be used to improve symptoms. Here, we look at ways to clear up those itchy patches!

Psoriasis is a long lasting, auto-immune condition that causes inflammation in the body. 

Although it is a complex disorder and not yet fully understood; scientists believe it results from the immune system attacking its own healthy skin cells.

Characterised by inflamed patches on the skin that are sometimes covered with scales, psoriasis can be itchy and painful, impacting on quality of life. But despite not being curable (right now at least), the good news is that psoriasis responds well to several treatments. 

Even though it appears on the surface, psoriasis is more than skin deep, starting inside the body, in the immune system. With this in mind, it is really important to treat it holistically, making changes inside and out. 

Here are our pro top tips for clearing up psoriasis: 

Keep your skin moisturised: moisture-rich skin is the enemy of psoriasis and it’s important to take action before skin dries out. Simple topical treatments like oils and salves, applied throughout the day, keep skin supple.

Avoid chemicals: when it comes to skin conditions, natural is often best. Fragrances, colours and dyes can all aggravate psoriasis. Look closely at labels, choosing products suitable for sensitive skin. 

Have safe doses of sunlight: ultraviolet light can slow the growth of skin cells, so light therapy is often used to treat severe cases of psoriasis. While professional light therapy should always be done under the supervision of a doctor; sunlight is naturally available to everyone. Exposing your skin, safely, to small amounts of sunlight can help clear patches. 

Healthy body: maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle is key to managing many autoimmune conditions. Factors such as quality of diet and sleep can play a role in how severe flare ups become. Stick to a nutritious diet and avoid triggering foods, as well as alcohol or caffeine. 

Healthy mind: stress can play a role in the severity of psoriasis, so try to implement practices such as mindfulness, meditation or yoga to keep your mental health in check. 

Find what’s right for you: psoriasis is a complex condition and what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. Listen to your body, identify your triggers and avoid anything that can induce flare ups. 

See making these choices as an investment in you and your skin, that will ultimately bring about a happier and healthier life. 

Recommended products for skin prone to psoriasis:

Balmonds Bath & Body Oil soaking skin in the bath is a great way to infiltrate scales and sooth itching naturally, with hemp, lavender & chamomile (£12.99 for 200ml). 

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream keep skin supple after bathing using our fragrance free daily moisturiser with shea butter, hemp & calendula (from £13.99 for 100ml). 

Balmonds Skin Salvation balm with beeswax, hemp & chamomile softens and protects painful patches during flare ups. (from £7.99 for 30ml).


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