Balmonds is now sponsoring ITSAN!

We’re very proud to announce that Balmonds is now sponsoring ITSAN!

ITSAN is the world’s foremost charity for those living with topical steroid withdrawal syndrome (aka TSW), and provides a vital lifeline for thousands who might not otherwise have anywhere to turn for information and support.

Based in the US but accessible to people across the globe, ITSAN’s work consists of advocating, educating, raising awareness, and providing support for those who live with eczema and TSW.

ITSAN believes that people living with eczema are entitled to make informed decisions about the way they manage their skin, and should be offered diverse treatment options - which of course includes learning about the risks, benefits, and alternatives to topical steroids.

We felt that Balmonds’ mission to provide safe, effective, natural emollients to people living with chronic skin conditions chimed perfectly with the work that ITSAN do for the sore skin community, so it made sense to put our money where our mouth is and support them financially!

As brand sponsors, we’re proud to be helping ITSAN raise greater awareness of topical steroid withdrawal syndrome, and to work alongside them to advocate for those living with the condition.

For more information about ITSAN’s work, visit their website you’ll find plenty of information on topical steroid withdrawal syndrome, as well as tips about what has helped other people going through TSW - including our very own Skin Salvation, of course!

Topical Steroid Withdrawal

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