Five Ways To Use Skin Salvation On Your Dog

Balmonds’ Skin Salvation is one of the best things you can put on your skin, but did you know it’s not just for humans? This brilliant balm is wonderful for your fur babies too! We’ve put together five ways you can use Skin Salvation on your pooch.

1. Itchy allergic reactions

Tibetan Terrier Bertie started getting itchy spots when he was around 4 years old. His skin was sore and irritated, and the poor good boi was just not feeling himself. The spots would flare up in the summer, so owner Jess thought it was an allergy to grass seed. When she took him to the vets they agreed with her, and suggested a course of topical steroids, but knowing how nasty they could be and how they weren’t a long-term solution to itchy skin, she didn’t want to use them.

So she did what came naturally and reached for her pot of Skin Salvation! Within a couple of weeks his spots were all gone and he was back to his usual bouncy self.

Bertie the Dog

2. Sore noses

We all know how dogs love to explore the world with their noses - mine is always sniffing and putting her nose into anything and everything! But this means it’s easy for them to get a cut or a burn on their most sensitive bit. A dab of Skin Salvation, with the naturally antiseptic powers of calendula, chamomile, chickweed and nettle extracts, and your little monster’s nose will be back to health in no time.

3. Dry, flaky skin

It should come as no surprise that Skin Salvation is great for dry skin, because it was originally formulated for use on the eczema-prone skin of babies. And it works just as well for dogs as it does for humans. It's 100% natural so your pal won’t get sick from licking it either.*

Neko the dog with Skin Salvation

4. Cracked paws

Bertie had stood in something bad and it made his paws all sore and cracked. But most prescribed veterinary creams are all full of chemicals and Jess didn’t want Bertie to swallow any. A few days’ treatment with all-natural Skin Salvation gave his poor paws the protection and healing that they needed, and soon he was back to full boisterous health!

And if your dog has got into bother by simply pacing the pavements in the heat, you can soothe their hot, dry paws with an overnight application of Skin Salvation on the pads.

5. Canine First Aid

Minor scratches, insect bites, rubbed or over-licked skin? Dab on the balm! Because Skin Salvation uses a beeswax, hemp and safflower base, it not only nourishes but also creates a protective barrier over skin, stopping it from drying out and letting it heal.

So show a little love to your bestest mate, and apply a bit of Balmonds magic to their skin!

*Whilst there is nothing dangerous or toxic in Skin Salvation, if ingested, we would advise you to seek medical/veterinary advice, and if you have any other concerns about your animal’s health, always consult your vet.

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