Discounts For Healthcare Workers

NHS Staff Benefits scheme

Balmonds has teamed up with the Blue Light Card to offer NHS, emergency, and social service workers 20% off across our entire range!

In order to find out if you're eligible and to access the savings, you'll need to register for the scheme at the Blue Light Card website.

"My face and hands have really been suffering from all the PPE over the last couple of months and these products have been a life saver!"
Victoria Taylor on Trustpilot

The offer is an introductory discount so it can only be used once, but it applies to your whole basket as you checkout, without a minimum or maximum purchase. It won't combine with sale items or other offers or discounts.

We particularly recommend the following products for those who have to wash their hands frequently throughout the day:

Skin Salvation 30ml, 60ml & 120ml
This 100% natural, hemp and beeswax balm is our original product, first made for a baby who needed an ointment that wouldn't irritate her sore skin. Skin Salvation is a great choice of emollient if your hands are cracked or your skin is broken; unlike water-based creams which can sting, it’s an anhydrous, oil-based balm.

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream 50ml & 100ml
Our unscented hand cream is made with shea butter and enriched with incredibly nutritious natural oils, to feed depleted skin with the nutrients and essential fatty acids it needs to regenerate and repair.

Balmonds Sanitising Hand Gel 100ml
An effective alcohol-based sanitiser that is made without synthetic dyes or fragrance, and has vegetable glycerine to mitigate the drying effects of alcohol. The tea tree and lemongrass essential oils give it a pleasant fragrance and afford some protection between applications. 

Use Skin Salvation balm if your hands are cracked and dry (it’s great for overnight application!), and apply Intensive Hand Cream regularly throughout the day to keep skin in soft, supple, healthy condition.

“Best hand cream in the world. I am a GP and my hands get so dry from constant washing. This is my saviour!”
Emma Stuart on Trustpilot
Hand care set

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