Nurture Your Skin with Balmonds Calming Infusion

As the winter chill sets in, our focus naturally shifts to cozy nights, warm blankets, and the pursuit of quality sleep. For those with sensitive skin, especially during the colder months, achieving a restful night can be elusive.

Dry, itchy skin or chronic conditions often disrupt our sleep, impacting not only our nightly rest but also our overall wellness. And in turn, not getting enough rest can affect the resilience of our skin. It’s a tricky cycle to break!

The good news is that there are many effective strategies to help you get more and better quality sleep. Here’s one - a delightful cup of sleepy goodness that not only helps promote a peaceful slumber, but also provides a nutritious boost for your skin!

cup of skin boost infusion with ingredients

Sleep for Skin Health: A Winter Wellness Essential

Sleep is a cornerstone of overall wellness, playing a pivotal role in the body's ability to heal and repair. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the need for extra sleep in colder months is entirely normal. The key is to aim for 7-10 hours of quality, restful sleep. However, achieving this can be challenging, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

To help you relax before bedtime and enhance the quality of your sleep, Balmonds in-house nutritionist, Farah Mehrez, has crafted a soothing, skin-boosting infusion. The process of preparing and infusing alone can be a calming ritual, setting the stage for a restful night.

Ingredients for Your Skin Boost Infusion:

  • Chamomile: packed with antioxidants, chamomile acts as a mild sedative, inducing sleepiness and reducing stress.
  • Lemons: high in vitamin C, essential for collagen production and wound healing, lemons also contain anti-inflammatory extracts that promote skin integrity.
  • Ginger: known for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger complements lemons to soothe and support the immune system.
  • Honey: besides adding natural sweetness, honey may contribute to anti-bacterial activity, enhancing the infusion's skin-boosting benefits.
skin boost infusion ingredients

      We suggest incorporating a spoonful of Bare Biology Skinful collagen to supercharge your infusion, adding an extra level of support for skin health.

      image of lemon being juiced into cup
      image of teabags being added to cup
      image of sliced ginger being added to cup
      image of honey being added to cup

      Brewing Your Skin Boost Infusion:

      • Juice the lemon and add to the chopped ingredients in a cup or teapot.
      • Pour boiled water over the mixture and let it infuse for 3-6 minutes.

      Farah's top tip: Cover the vessel during the infusion period to prevent the loss of water-soluble active compounds through steam.

      cover vessel whilst infusing to maintain benefits from ingredients

      This delightful infusion is not just a beverage; it's a nightly ritual designed to nurture your skin from the inside out. Sip and unwind, letting the calming blend work its magic.

      hands holding cup of chamomile, honey & ginger skin boost infusion

      Balmonds Natural Skincare: Completing Your Winter Skincare Routine

      As you indulge in the soothing benefits of the Balmonds Skin Boost Infusion, remember to complement your nightly routine with the trusted Balmonds natural skincare range. Designed to address the needs of sensitive skin, Balmonds products provide a gentle touch that aligns perfectly with your winter skincare goals.

      We’d particularly recommend a facial massage with our calming Intensive Facial Oil, as you sip your infusion; like the drink, it contains soothing chamomile, but is also made with regenerative omega-rich rosehip oil and soporific lavender.

      Here's to restful nights, sweet dreams, and waking up to skin that's nourished, refreshed, and ready to face the winter days ahead. Sleep well, and let your skin reap the benefits of this comforting infusion.

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