How Do You Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Your Face Overnight?

If you’re suffering from dry or flaky skin on your face, you’ll be wanting a quick and effective solution!

Identify the cause of dry skin on your face 

First thing to do if your face is dry is to identify what’s causing it, so you can do your very best to avoid the culprit! Check out our article Why Is My Face So Dry And Flaky All Of A Sudden? for some possible causes of dry, flaky skin. It could be the weather, it could be a new soap, it could be stress...

Once you have a better idea about why your skin is acting up all of a sudden, you’re a position to set about getting some moisture into your face!

You can attack on two fronts: first, make sure the atmosphere in your bedroom is right for skin health, and next, use products that will give your skin a supercharged moisture boost.

Get your room set up for healthy skin

  • Turn down the heating/air con
  • Install a humidifier in your bedroom
  • Keep the window open a crack
  • Place bowls of water next to radiators
  • Take a glass of water to bed & drink if you need to!

Institute a calming bedtime routine

  • Avoid long, hot baths before bed! A quick, warm shower is better.
  • Don’t use soap in the shower/bath: switch to a SLS/soap-free wash instead.
  • Pat skin dry then apply moisturiser to still barely-damp skin
  • Banish the screens for a good night’s beauty sleep!
  • Have a cup of sleep-inducing herbal tea

A 3-step skincare routine

  1. Use an oil-based cleanser (like Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil which is rich in rosehip & calendula) to remove makeup or the daily grime: massage the oil into your skin and remove gently with a warm, damp cloth or cotton wool pad.
  2. After cleansing, apply a few drops of rich, regenerative oil to the face; massage into any problem areas. Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil is perfectly formulated for nourishing dry skin and contains calming lavender, anti-inflammatory chamomile and regenerative rosehip.
  3. If you have severely dry or flaky patches, smooth on Skin Salvation balm; apply around the nose, mouth, and eyes as needed. The balm is made with humectant beeswax, which draws moisture into the skin, and naturally anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil, which is also exceptionally rich in the essentially fatty acids dry and depleted skin needs.

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