How Do I Fix Dry Skin On My Face?

How Do I Fix Dry Skin On My Face?

You might know the feeling: your face is tight and dehydrated; you’ve got sore patches around the nose; itchy eyes; and prickly and uncomfortable skin. What can you do?

Whatever it is that’s causing your face to suffer - and the reasons for dry skin are legion: see our blog What Can Dry Skin Be A Sign Of? for some of them - you can still take steps to manage it.

Let’s look at six simple strategies for managing dry skin on the face:

1. Moisturise regularly
The oilier the cream, the more effective it is! If your face is painfully dehydrated to the point of cracking up, slather on the balms and ointments. If it’s just a little dry, creams are easier to apply. But whatever you use, use it frequently!

2. Avoid your triggers
Find out what flares you up, and avoid like the plague! It could be irritants in your toiletries or cosmetics; it could be pet hair or stress.

3. Adjust the atmosphere
If you’re finding your home or office is drying out your skin with central heating or air con, there are things you can do to help: invest in a humidifier, make sure you moisturise throughout the day, open some windows.

4. Protect your skin outdoors
Windy, cold and dry weather can dry out your face, as much as hot sunny climates! Wrap up in scarves and apply a layer of balm (Skin Salvation is ideal) before you go out on cold days. (Be careful of using oily products in direct sunlight though!)

Balmonds Skin Salvation
with hemp and beeswax

5. Switch the soap
Use unperfumed, sulphate-free, soapless washes to cleanse your face without drying out your skin. Or try the oil-based cleansing method instead: a brilliant way of keeping your skin clean without water, that actually adds moisture and nourishment to the skin rather than losing it.

6. Apply rosehip oil
Rosehip oil is a superfood for dry skin! It’s exceptionally rich in skin-kind nutrients and supports the skin’s natural cycle of repair and regeneration. Choose a night-time facial oil (like Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil) and use a few drops just before bed. Apply around the eyes, nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil
with rosehip, calendula, lavender & chamomile

Recommended products for dry skin on the face:

Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash
with calendula & chamomile

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream
with shea butter and calendula

Balmonds Skin Salvation balm with hemp and beeswax, for intensive hydration (from £7.99 for 30ml)
Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash with calendula & nettle, for use as a gentle face wash (£19 for 200ml)
Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream with chamomile and shea butter, as a daily face cream (from £13.99 for 100ml)
Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil with rosehip, chamomile & calendula, for nightly nourishment and regeneration (£22 for 30ml)
dry skin

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