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Nov 08, 2019

What’s The Best Moisturiser For Perioral Dermatitis?

best moisturiser for perioral dermatitis

Proactively looking after your skin is a really important way of managing perioral dermatitis flares. Your skin needs to be protected from irritants and moisture-loss, and benefits from being fed with the nutrients it needs for its constant cycle of repair and regeneration.

We’d suggest a three-part skincare system that eliminates things that can aggravate perioral dermatitis, while providing good nourishing ingredients to keep it healthy and resilient.


Try using the oil cleansing method! Unlike soap or other detergent agents, this won’t strip the skin of its vital oils, damaging the epidermis and leading to irritation. You can use our Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil or Skin Salvation balm to remove makeup or daily grime, just massage into the skin and gently remove with warm damp cotton wool or a soft damp face cloth.

Recommended products:
Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil with rosehip and calendula oils (£22 for 200ml)

Skin Salvation balm, with hemp and olive (from £7.99 for 30ml)


Perioral dermatitis can be inflamed and aggravated by bacterial or fungal infections; if this is the case for you, try applying a daily dose of Balmonds Scalp Oil to the area. This is rich in antimicrobial essential oils such as tea tree and rosemary, as well as GLA-rich borage, anti-inflammatory nettle and soothing calendula.

Recommended product:
Balmonds Scalp Oil with tea tree & borage (£14.99 for 50ml)


Use an unscented, gentle, nourishing moisturiser on the area morning and night. Avoid anything that might irritate the skin, and stick to natural. (Patch test first, even with natural products!)
If your skin is red raw, broken, cracked or extremely dry, go waterless and stick to an ointment or balm, such as Skin Salvation.

Recommended product:
Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream with shea butter and hemp (from £13.99 for 100ml)
Skin Salvation balm, with hemp and olive (from £7.99 for 30ml)


For more information, check out our article on How To Treat Perioral Dermatitis.

Important Note

If you require medical advice we recommend you always contact your healthcare professional.

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