Top 10 Hayfever Hacks For Beating The Pollen Bomb

Here come the lovely sunny days, accompanied inevitably by high pollen counts and all the usual dreaded symptoms of hayfever.

For hayfever sufferers, summer can be plagued by streaming eyes and noses, blocked nose, headaches, weariness, itchy rashes and constant sneezing.

In an effort to make your life a bit less uncomfortable, we present our top ten most effective strategies for fighting back against the summer curse!

  1. When outside, wear large sunglasses as a barrier against pollens.
  2. Use fans, cold water spritzes, or cool damp cloths on the eyes to cool itchy skin down.
  3. Apply Balmonds Cooling Cream to localised rashes or itchy areas.
  4. Increase your resilience to histamine by switching to a nutritious anti-inflammatory diet. Some people swear by a daily teaspoon of local honey but it doesn't work for everyone!
  5. Apply a fine layer of Skin Salvation around the nose to trap pollen and to act as a barrier; it's great at protecting and soothing sore skin around streaming eyes too.
  6. Close windows and dry laundry inside; try to keep your home and clothes pollen free as much as possible.
  7. Keep skin healthy, resilient and well-moisturised with Daily Moisturising Cream or Skin Salvation; if you're prone to eczema or have a faulty barrier function, this helps strengthen it and keep allergens out of the blood stream.
  8. Take lukewarm or cool showers as soon as you get home so you can wash that pollen right out of your hair!
  9. Change into indoor-only clothes when you come inside to get rid of allergens you’ve picked up outside.
  10. Find the right antihistamine; what works for your friends might not work for you, and what works in June might not tackle the different pollen flying about in August - so try a few different ones until you hit the jackpot.

Our Hayfever Heroes bundle is ideal for soothing flushed skin and protecting against environmental allergens. Containing three award-winning Balmonds products -- our Skin Salvation natural moisturising balm and invigorating Cooling Cream, it's your essential kit for calm, happy summer skin.

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