Can You Put A Wet Wrap On Infected Eczema?

wet wraps on infected eczemaIt’s never recommended to use wet wraps on skin that could be infected. Unfortunately, when the skin barrier is faulty as is the case with eczema sufferers, infection is always a risk. 

Signs that eczema might be infected include: 

  • Wet or weepy patches, with clear or yellowish fluid or crusts
  • Small, red, blistery spots (in the case of eczema herpeticum)
  • Flu-like symptoms (aches, raised temperature, feeling unwell, swollen glands)

Infections, whether bacterial, viral or fungal, can flourish in the hot, damp, enclosed environment created by wet-wrapping, so this can actually spread the problem rather than contain it.

If you suspect that your eczema is infected, get it confirmed and treated by your doctor as soon as possible.

For more information on how wet wraps work, see our Step-by-Step Guide To Wet Wrapping.


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