Work With Balmonds!

If you love Balmonds products and want to spread the word about how wonderful they are, why not work with us?

Whether you’re a TikTok star, an Insta influencer, a blogger, a therapist, a healthcare professional, a content creator, a makeup artist, or a Balmonds fan who wants to recommend the brand to your friends, you can pick the option that suits you best.

What: earn 20% commission on sales, offer 20% discount for followers
How: via affiliate links and discount codes

This option is for imaginative creators in the UK and US* with engaged and relevant followings in the parenting, skin positivity and clean beauty communities, who want to join appropriate time-limited campaigns focusing on particular products or themes. 

Campaigns (and their associated discounts) run for 6 weeks, and require set deliverables in exchange for gifted products and a generous commission, plus an inviting introductory discount for your followers!

Affiliate links log commission on any sales made via the link for 30 days, and automatically apply discounts at checkout.

*We can only dispatch samples for review to the UK at the moment, but hope to add more countries to the programme soon.

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What: partnerships & brand collabs

We’re always interested in exploring other ways to work with affiliates, brand ambassadors, organisations, websites, influencers, healthcare professionals and compatible brands who are a great fit for Balmonds.

We're not currently recruiting for UGC, but talk to us about giveaways or collaborative posts if you have a relevant and engaged following of 5K+!

Please note that we only work with creators and organisations who fit our brand ethos, are already part of our communities, and who genuinely know and love the products.

If this applies to you, please email:

What: 15% commission on sales
How: via embedded links to the Balmonds TikTok shop

Any TikTok-er can embed links to the Balmonds TikTok shop within their clips, and will earn 15% commission from TikTok for referred sales. There is no obligation to post or to make your videos exclusive to one brand, so you can mention several different products in one round-up video and link to them all, or make a whole TikTok just about Balmonds.

NB this is a 3rd party scheme and does not require approval from Balmonds, nor do we request any tasks from you.

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What: earn up to 12% commission on referred sales
How: via referral links to products on the Balmonds Amazon shop

This option is for bloggers, reviewers, and consumer sites who want to earn commission by recommending Balmonds products sold on Amazon to their community/followers via permanent affiliate links.

NB this is a 3rd party scheme and does not require approval from Balmonds, nor do we request any tasks from you.

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