Tattoo Aftercare

Our highly-respected, natural tattoo aftercare!

I've been using your products and they're so good, not only for the tattoo healing process but also for treating skin problems! And the best thing of all is they contain only natural ingredients which is very important for me and my clients!

- Robbie Flaviani, pro tattoo artist

Skin Salvation
Skin Salvation

If you’re looking for natural aftercare for your new tattoo - look no further! Skin Salvation makes the perfect tattoo aftercare balm, as it’s 100% natural, free from irritants, perfume, preservatives, and forms a very fine semi-occlusive layer over healing skin.

If you’re looking for a vegan tattoo aftercare cream, try Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream or our Daily Moisturising Cream instead. As well as being a great second stage aftercare products for ongoing maintenance after the first six week, both can be used as rich, protective, non-irritant creams while your tattoo is healing.

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