Radio/Chemotherapy Skincare

Unfragranced natural skincare for sensitive skin during chemo- or radiotherapy

Skin Salvation
Skin Salvation

Because Balmonds products don’t contain perfumes, parabens or harsh preservatives, they’re perfect for people undergoing chemo or radiotherapy. Balmonds skincare nourishes fragile skin with regenerative and nutrient-rich oils, helping it stay healthy and resilient.

If you want to pick a few essentials for yourself or a friend to help your skin through treatment, Skin Salvation is a great moisturiser for sensitive skin, rich, nourishing, and free from synthetics. It’s perfect for moisturising skin that has been affected by chemo burns, and, because it’s oil- not water-based, is much less likely to sting on application. Try our Balmonds Cooling Cream as a light, nourishing hand & body lotion, and to soothe any itchy areas; Balmonds Bath & Body Oil for adding to a relaxing bath or as a lavender-scented massage oil, and Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil for face, nails, or any areas of ‘radiation burn’ or scarring.

We also offer a fantastic All-Natural Starter Kit which would make a perfect skincare essentials bundle for anyone undergoing chemo or radio therapy.