Baby Essentials

Perfectly pure and gentle natural skincare for little ones


Look no further if you want 100% natural skincare for your baby! We’ve got three essential Balmonds products that between them cover all bases in your baby’s early years.

Balmonds award-winning Skin Salvation repels the dampness that can lead to nappy rash, keeping skin clean and healthy. You can also use this super-nourishing balm for intensive hydration of rough, itchy or dry skin anywhere on the body. We have a neutral, unperfumed, soap-free hair and body wash for bath time, and  Balmonds Bath & Body Oil is a brilliantly versatile oil for changing, cleaning, baby massage or general moisturising. It's made with gorgeous chamomile and lavender essential oils for a gentle, soothing effect; why not make it part of your bedtime routine?