Balmonds Cooling Cream

This light lotion made with aloe vera and cooling menthol was originally formulated as a moisturiser for flushed skin. A soft, soothing cream easily absorbed by thirsty skin, this lotion is naturally scented with luscious lavender essential oils.

Its gentle formulation means it is also suitable for those who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other sensitive skin conditions.

What is it used for?

  • cooling skin during hot flushes
  • hydrating after-sun lotion
  • aftershave lotion
  • light and refreshing hand or face cream
  • moisturising scalp cream for shaved heads
  • gentle lotion for sensitive skin after radio- or chemotherapy
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Our award-winning, all-natural moisturising balm was originally created as an intensive emollient for highly sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation reduces the risk of irritation, and nourishes depleted skin with essential nutrients. Clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin.

Directions for use

Our Cooling Cream is suitable for vegans, all skin types and all ages from six weeks, and can be applied anywhere on the body, hands and face. Perfect for hot, flushed, skin that needs cooling down, or simply as a luxurious all-purpose moisturiser. For best results and an extra refreshing boost, keep cream in the fridge.

On first use, the product will require several pumps to release the air before the cream begins to dispense. Discard the small amount that collects in the nozzle in between applications.

“I’ve been using this cream throughout my radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer and it really has helped to keep my skin in good condition. Even the radiographers have commented on how well my skin looks.”

~ Jackie

Patch test first

As with any new skincare product, we always advise you patch test a tiny amount of the oil behind the ear or in the crook of your elbow for at least 24 hours before widespread use. Visit our Patch Test page for a detailed guide.

For a more intensive emollient, especially if skin is broken or scratched raw from itching, we’d suggest you use our beeswax-based Skin Salvation after our Cooling Cream.

Please visit our Patch Test page for more information.

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Please visit our Skin Salvation page for more information.

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