Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects millions of adults and children around the world. Balmonds is committed to making life more comfortable for those living with itchy, dry or sensitive skin.


Join Balmonds campaign calling for those living with eczema to share their flare! Let’s normalise normal skin, whether it’s inflamed, dry, itchy or rashy - it’s all part of life when you’re living with eczema.

National Eczema Week Activities

From big discounts on bundles, to selfies and how-to-guides, this week we will be putting in the work to normalise reactive skin, and destigmatize living with eczema.

“Balmond’s Skin Salvation works as a semi-occlusive balm with beeswax to lock in moisture and soothe irritation whilst letting the skin ‘breathe’... Skin Salvation isn’t greasy and easily melts into the skin. It’s no wonder it’s the ‘hero’ product in their extensive range.”

- Dr Ruth Cammish


Atopic eczema tends to come and go in flares, which can last from a few days to several months. These cycles can be really uncomfortable, with skin getting itchy, dry, and inflamed, and can have a profound effect on self-confidence and your ability to concentrate.

When you’re in the middle of an intense flare it can feel like nothing will break the cycle of itching, scatching, skin damage and inflammation, but while atopic skin isn’t curable, it can be managed!

The aim of flare care is to make flares shorter, less severe, and less frequent. Here are some strategies for coping when you’re flaring.

1. Identify your triggers: it can be a tricky process working out the culprit for a sudden flare but worth the effort! Our guest blogger, allergy expert Ruth Holroyd, has some great advice here on how to identify and avoid triggers.

2. Stay hydrated: if your skin barrier is impaired, it’ll need extra help to lock in vital moisture! Use emollients throughout the day; a balm like Skin Salvation acts as an effective barrier against water loss.

3. Go back to basics: what works for one eczema sufferer might not do the trick for another, but it’s a good general rule of thumb to keep toiletries simple - free from sulfates, parabens, perfumes, and other known irritants.

"My daughter has had dry, sore, itchy patches on her elbows. She has been using the Balmonds products for around 2 weeks and her elbows have almost cleared up, its great and they smell lovely."

- Ce T.


Special offer for Eczema Awareness Week: grab the bundle for only £32.98 - 40% off full price!

A back-to-basics bundle to help you look after your eczema-prone skin whether it’s flaring or not! Consisting of a balm, an oil, a wash and a cream, these four multi-purpose Balmonds heroes cover all bases.

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We’ve always known Balmonds products were good for people whose skin was sensitive to irritating ingredients but we’re proud to say that our top ten products have been put through their paces at a lab, and are now officially approved as suitable for eczema-prone and atopic skin!


Cotton Comfort comfortable eczema-friendly clothing for children and adults living with eczema

CosiCare manufacturers of unique safe scratchers for itch relief

Itch&B*tch Podcast & community chatting about all things eczema!

WhatAllergy award-winning blog on allergies, eczema and topical steroid withdrawal syndrome

The Eczema Sample Store: Boxes of eczema-friendly samples shipped to your door

National Eczema Society UK information and support around eczema

Allergy UK information and support around allergies

Scratch That UK UK charity raising awareness of topical steroid withdrawal syndrome

ITSAN Worldwide charity (sponsored by Balmonds) raising awareness & providing support for people living with topical steroid withdrawal syndrome

Eczema & Skin of Color: The National Eczema Association’s inclusive resource hub for skin of colour

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Here at Balmonds we understand the frustration and expense of trying new emollients on your eczema-prone skin, only to experience disappointing results; we've been there ourselves and it's not much fun.

So we decided to do things differently - we offer customers a 60 day money-back guarantee. That means you get a chance to try them out over a decent period of time and can get your money back if you’re not happy with the results. Click here for full T&Cs.