Dry Gym Hands Set

The gym can be tough on your hands. Soothe sore palms, hydrate dry skin and soften calluses with our specially selected natural skincare set.

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Rejuvenate hard gym hands

With natural skincare

Moisturise dry, sore, cracked and calloused hands. Whether you’re lifting weights and kettlebells, rock climbing or just can’t get yourself off the pull up bar, training can take its toll on your hands.


While your body recovers

Nourish your skin

Our new Dry Gym Hands Set feeds dry hands, palms and fingers the hydration they need immediately after a workout.


Both a balm and a cream

For soft, supple hands

Our Intensive Hand Cream is an easily-absorbed moisturising lotion that quickly hydrates dry, worn skin.
Nourish with our rich, all-natural Skin Salvation balm to lock in moisture for long-lasting protection.

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