Topical Steroid Withdrawal

The gentlest skincare possible, suitable for those going through TSW/steroid-induced dermatitis.

Skin Salvation
Skin Salvation

Those going through the distressing process of topical steroid withdrawal (aka Red Skin Syndrome or steroid-induced dermatitis) can find that their skin is super sensitive to anything at all that’s put on it. There are as many different ways of getting through the process of steroid withdrawal as there are TSW warriors, and while some people recommend not using moisturiser at all, others swear by a few simple, natural moisturisers to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay.

Because Balmonds Skin Salvation is a safe, non-stinging, intensively hydrating emollient ointment, it’s ideal for coping with TSW. It can moisturise skin that is cracking, flaking, shedding and desperately thirsty for moisture and nutrients, and is free from the preservatives, perfumes, parabens, essential oils, coconut oils, nut oils, soya, and other common irritants that can hurt so much when applied to such sore and sensitive skin.

We’ve also picked out a selection of other products that can make a difference to how comfortable you feel during your TSW journey, including a fantastically rich, regenerative Intensive Facial Oil for some truly intensive care! Try Balmonds Intensive Lip Balm for cracked mouths, and our extra gentle 2-in-1 Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash if you need a soap-free, perfume-free body or hand wash.

For more about the condition, see the TSW section in our Info Hub.